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Your commitment to help conquer a disease that affects us all is an admirable one, but we know that raising the funds to get there doesn’t always feel easy. Especially when potential donors don’t know about Quest, The Princess Margaret, or the life-saving cancer research you are supporting by raising funds. Don’t worry, we’ve created a few tips and tools to help.

Getting started early and letting people know why you are streaming will go a long way towards hitting your goal. Join us on Discord to meet other Quest community members and reach players around the world!


Join Our Discord Community

Our team and our Discord community are ready to help you with anything you need as a Quest fundraiser.

Streaming Toolkit

Our toolkit contains everything you’ll need to host a great charity stream. In it, you’ll find overlays, donation alerts, talking points about Quest and The Princess Margaret, and many other helpful resources.

Be sure to explore our Stream Asset Guide and download the Streaming Assets to enhance your charity stream and increase your chances of success!

Make a Self-Pledge

Show others you’re committed to the cause and kickstart your fundraising efforts with a self-pledge of $50 or $100. This will help set the bar for donations, too.

Reach Out

Share photos or stream highlights, tap into wider conversations, and go global with your connection to the cause.
  • Step 1: Tell everyone you know.
  • Step 2: Use all platforms.

    Step 2: Use all platforms.

  • Step 3: Make it personal.


Share the Stats

Share some eye-opening stats with your network so they know exactly what they are investing in: a Quest streaming marathon that will help save more lives across Canada and around the world. Use them in emails, on social, or to start conversations about fundraising. The more we remind people of just how important the cause is, the more they will want to contribute.
  1. The Quest directly supports life-saving cancer research at The Princess Margaret.
  2. When supporting the Quest, you are advancing cancer care for patients across Canada and around the globe.
  3. Thousands of viewers come together every year to support life-saving cancer research during Quest's monthlong streaming marathon.
  4. We stream for our patients, siblings, friends, neighbours, and everyone who has been touched by cancer.

Share Your Progress

Let your community know that you have joined Quest and when you're planning to stream. Share your fundraising page on social media platforms or on Twitch, as well as through email and text messages. The more people you inform, the greater the potential to reach potential donors!

You’ve Got This

If you don’t see a lot of traction after your first ask, don’t let it get you down! Timing is everything and you may find that potential donors are simply waiting to donate or need a gentle reminder to make their contribution.

If at first you don’t succeed, do not be afraid to try again. We are always here to help! Reach out anytime by using the email below or find more answers to fundraising questions here.


Join the Quest to Conquer Cancer.