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Ready to join the adventure? Read on... 

Joining Quest as a fundraiser is as easy as playing your favourite game — while inviting your friends and family to watch. A live stream is a great way to share why you’re participating, interact with your donors, and create a deeper connection to our mission.  

Here’s how to start your Quest: 

  1. Register and set up your profile 

    Set your fundraising goal along with any milestones or incentives you want to hit as you go, share your story, and link your stream directly to your fundraising profile page.  

  2. Download our streaming toolkit to set up your stream

    Our toolkit contains everything you need to host a great charity stream: overlays, donation alerts, suggestions for using bots, talking points about the event and The Princess Margaret, and much more! 

  1. Get the word out 

    Let your community know that you’ve joined Quest and when your planning to stream. Share your fundraising page on social, by email, on Twitch, text, any way you want. Plus, tag us on Twitter (@quest2conquer) any time you like. The more people you tell, the more donors you can reach.  

  2. Need a little help?

    If you need any help or ideas, join our community Discord filled with gamers, fundraisers, and streamers like yourself!  

Your Intro to Streaming  

If you’re new to streaming, here’s what you need to get started. There’s even more info available on your fundraising profile page once you’ve signed up. 
  • You'll need a device to stream with (smartphone, desktop/laptop, Xbox, or PlayStation) 
  • Download a streaming app to your phone (Streamlabs, Twitch, or YouTube) or software to your desktop (Streamlabs, OBS, or XSplit) 
  • Set up an account with a streaming service (Twitch or YouTube) 
  • Add your streaming username to your fundraising page & save – you're ready to go 
  • Share the link to your fundraising page on social media channels, texts, and email to let people know when to tune in