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new patients from all over the globe treated every year
types of cancer treated, including some of the rarest forms
of patients in clinical trials, versus 5% elsewhere

Setting Global Standards in Care

The Princess Margaret has been home to several groundbreaking discoveries over its 70-year history.

  • We revolutionized the world’s understanding of cancer.

  • We pioneered immunotherapy, a less-toxic alternative to chemo.

  • We developed a blood test with the potential to change the world.

  • We are home to one of the world’s largest clinical trials programs.

  • Hodgkin Lymphoma used to be a death sentence. Then we discovered it was curable.

  • We save lives by finding new connections.

  • We find what can’t be seen.

  • Cancer is relentless. So is our pursuit of a cure.

  • We’re using A.I. to make real progress.

  • We can predict who will respond to immunotherapy

  • We’ve helped people live longer – again and again and again.

  • We believed a pill could change breast cancer outcomes.

  • We use new tech to see cancer in a new light.

  • We have doubled some cancer survival rates.

  • World-firsts are in our blood.

  • We give more patients more hope.

  • The world sends their best to learn from us.

  • We are leading the world in caring for more than just the disease.

Impact the World

Help us in our Quest to Conquer Cancer