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Quest II Community Fundraising happens October 10 to November 17, 2021. 

  1. You can host a charity stream during our open fundraising period, Quest II Community Fundraising, to raise funds that will help The Princess Margaret continue to make a global impact. Better yet? You can win rewards and prizes by hitting new fundraising milestones. 
  2. We call on gamers from around to world to join us in our quest to conquer cancer. Whether you’re a streaming noob or total pro, we welcome everyone to introduce Quest to their audience, no matter the size — because there’s no such thing as “small” when it comes to conquering cancer. Find out how you to get started right here.
  1. On November 17, we have Quest II Community Fundraising Finale. Our community comes together for one final fundraising push (and to earn a few more rewards).
  2. Ready to go? Our tools, support, and resources will get you started on your Quest today. 

Share your Quest with our community. 

  1. We’ll be sharing our favourite moments from fundraisers, so be sure to follow us. Plus, you can share yours from any Quest stream by tagging @Quest2Conquer! 
  2. Join the Quest Discord to get to know others in the community, see what they’re doing, and share tips and tricks to boost your fundraising.